Sunday, June 13, 2010

redbud seeds

I didn't manage to capture the actual transition from this:

(redbud post from April)

to this:

I believe it's the very same branch, too, although shot from a slightly different angle (avoiding abundant poison oak.)

They get bigger and turn brown when they're ripe. They don't seem to be haute cuisine bird and squirrel food, but they do get eaten.


  1. How very interesting that those pretty flowers produce those seed pods! They resemble pea-pods. Why isn't the tree called a pea-tree?

  2. I used to lobby for calling it lavender-bud or pink-bud, because the blossoms certainly aren't red.

  3. Most interesting. The tree seems to have a good feel to it.

  4. It's growing up the side of a steep hill, Leah. When I took those pictures I was standing on the edge of a bluff with the lower branches at about my knee level, and the roots are about ten feet down slope. So it's a tough and determined tree heading for the light.