Sunday, February 17, 2013

yes, more orchids

In the eighteen months I've been working here, I don't think I've seen this orchid bloom before.

It's quite tiny.

The white one is a familiar one, although for the niece of a florist I can't remember very many variety names.

This one I could only shoot by holding the iPod out over the edge of the catwalk railing and praying I wouldn't drop it when I tapped where I hoped the shutter was, since I couldn't see what I was pointing at.

Best two of five.

Then there are these, which always grow facing across the open space, too far away for the iPod to focus on them. Some time I must take the real camera with me and take great care not to let it get damaged while I'm working.


  1. Lovely! No indoor flowers here, alas, so enjoying your vicariously.

  2. Very pretty! And I'm happy to report that my orchid is still alive! Hasn't bloomed yet, but it's hanging in there.

  3. I'm sending Happy Blooming Thoughts to your orchid, BL, and hoping it does. Still being alive (unlike mine) is certainly a good sign. If these orchids were at home, they'd have no chance.