Thursday, February 12, 2009

I did not blow away

Luckily there wasn't any additional damage from the winds yesterday to my old house, but I haven't seen my father's yet. I talked last night to the claims adjuster for my old house--he said it might be March before he got to look at the house. (He said he'd been in Louisville since January, working nonstop on processing claims.) Right after the ice melted, the only damage was to trees, but a few days later another branch came down (without any 65 mph gusts to help it) and tore the electric line running from the house to the shed loose from the side of the house, along with a lot of siding, the conduit, and some downspout. He was happy that I could email him pictures of the damage, and said that I should go ahead and get it repaired as soon as possible and not wait for him to inspect it. He sounded quite tired.



  1. I'm glad it wasn't worse! Great that we have the ability to do things like email photos now... what a time saver!

  2. It certainly could have been worse, but that looks bad enough!
    Such strange weather we've all been having...

  3. :-)
    And this morning I have written-in-electrons permission to do the repairs right away. Go, modern technology!

  4. Wow, what a winter for you folks!

    Glad they're giving the go ahead for repairs. That was really smart to email pictures!

    We're declaring winter over as of March 1, whether it's actual spring weather or not. Thing it will work, bossing the seasons around?

  5. Hello Solarity!
    I'm just visiting for the first time. We really don't know what storms like that are. I hope they don't get worse for you. I see you groom dogs. I have two. I strip my fox terriers hair every morning for about 10 to 15 minutes. He also gets his teeth brushed. He's getting older, now 13, so he can't stand for that long. Have a great day, and hopefully great weather from now on!

  6. Hi Solarity!
    I'm visiting for the first time! Blogland just ate my last blog! I can't believe the weather you've had. I hope the weather goes much better for you! I see you groom dogs. I spend 15 minutes stripping my fox terrier's hair every morning. That's so I don't have to spend so long once a week because he is almost 14. Have a great day, and hopefully great weather from now on!

  7. Hi again Solarity!
    I guess blogland didn't eat anything! Thanks

  8. Redbusy, just like a dog, blogland ate it and threw it up again. And like a dog guarding an empty food bowl, it wouldn't let me read my own blog comments all afternoon.
    When I read you had a fox terrier I wondered if you stripped him. I haven't had a chance to hand strip anything since grooming school, but I loved it.

    Crabby, the weather bosses us around enough, surely we get a turn soon.

  9. (Well, the y is just above the h, and it's nearly bedtime. I hate typoing people's names, though.)