Sunday, February 8, 2009

who built this?

Yesterday I checked the oil in the Jeep. When I checked it two weeks ago, nobody had built a nest on top of the engine.

I can't tell from the ingredients what is likely to have built it, but they don't seem to have chewed through any wires in the process.

I imagine they were disappointed when the engine heat faded away. 


  1. I imagine they were! Good thing you check under the hood frequently.

  2. Looks like mousie work to me. Similar nest in my nieces car later translated to thousands of dollars of damage. Bad news to have rodentia in the motor!

  3. Oh my goodness! Of all the things I worry about, critters nesting in under the hood of our car hasn't been one of them.

    Good thing you caught it before it was more of a problem!

  4. Oh dear - reminds me I must check my oil....

    Does look like mouse or squirrel work to me.

  5. So lucky no wires chewed! What are the pink things in the nest? Once mice used a carwash mit from my garage to build a nest under the hood. Crazy!

  6. Oh weird!!! My first thought was mice, too. So funny, getting your Jeep engine overrun with mice! Well, funny to me.

  7. Holly, one piece of pink is a strip (with cut edges, not chewed) of very faded pink cloth. The other bits of pink are faded cardinal feathers. There were lots of grey feathers in there, too, and some empty milk weed pods, and some kind of grass seed, and two empty hickory nut shells.

    It's not nearly as startling as the time I put gas in my father's car (which got very good gas mileage) in the winter, and when I opened the gas cap cover, there was an empty--fortunately--wasp's nest. I laughed so hard the man at the next gas pump came over to see if I was all right.