Tuesday, August 4, 2009

bird on the edge

Last week this bird flew into the window, which seems to happen a lot out here--I think dodging hawks affects their flight plans--and partly stunned himself. I was surprised to see him still there when I got back with the camera, and even more surprised that I was able to get so close. I didn't quite dare take the screen out for a cleaner shot. Eventually he recovered and flew off. He seems to be an indigo bunting but the black on the wings is much more noticeable than I thought it should be.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous little bird!

    So glad the little guy was able to carry on with his day after a rest.

  2. Oh, he is gorgeous! We don't have that type of bird this far north.
    Glad to hear he made a full recovery and was able to get on with things!

  3. Looks like he wanted to come inside! Which I totally get. It's nice in there!

  4. And there are no hawks inside.
    When you see one of these fly past the blue is so intense it startles you.

  5. Hope the birdie is okay. He's lovely.

    - Sagan