Wednesday, August 26, 2009

monograms and nostalgia

One of my great aunts gave me (us?) these towels when my parents and I moved into the house we built when I was seven, in 1960. After ten or fifteen years, they migrated to the bottom of the linen closet and weren't used much. Now that I've got a white bathroom, I'm using all kinds of different colors, and these almost fifty year old towels are looking good, even if the hand towel shows signs that I didn't wash the dirt off too thoroughly as a child.


  1. I LOVE old linens. I got the bug from my sister who always checks out the linens at antique malls and garage sales...she has some of the most exquisitely monogrammed things. Doesn't care what monogram it is, either. They're just pretty.

  2. I need new bifocals.
    I read this as Mammograms and Nostalgia and thought, "Who on earth could wax nostalgic about a mammogram?!"

    my wv was's a mistri why I can no longer read.

  3. I posted a comment here the other day, but my computer crashed.... sigh. (Wish I could remember what the hell I said!)

    Love the monogrammed towels. I have some towels that were given to my mom when I was born. Does that make them antiques?

  4. Melissa, let's not talk about all the linens monogrammed by relatives that are sitting in the basement waiting for me to bleach and mend them into respectability. The most important one is the tablecloth embroidered by my great-grandmother, my grandmother, and one of my great-aunts. It is complete as is, but there is a blank spot in the center that my mother and I were supposed to add something to, and make four generations. It's too late for my mother to get around to it, but I should at least try.

    Sparrow, I can imagine mammograms causing someone to wax nostalgic about the time before she had breasts....

    BL, if cars that my friends drove in high school have antique car license plates, I think your towels are definitely antique.

  5. 50 year old towels back in use? Way to recycle! I'm nearly fifty and I certainly don't look that fresh.