Wednesday, October 17, 2012

made by friends

By one friend, in this case. Nowadays working on lampwork beads, she has made art by many different methods. I made sure none of this was packed by the movers, and I got the dreamcatcher hung before they were even through packing.

This may not be the final placement for the hand made paper bowl, but it spent the last four years very near this position.

Many thrift-store blenders gave their lives to create naturally dyed paper during M's paper sculpture period. I remember the blackberry paper was purple, but I don't remember what created this red. The gold beads were embedded in the paper while it was drying, and have stayed there for the past fifteen years or more.

Finally, the concrete stepping stone imprinted with plants that grew in our garden while we were roommates.


  1. Lovely!

    A handmade object from a creative friend is truly a gift; hope they are all enjoying their new home!

  2. Gorgeous! (Crabby stole my comment. Dang her.)

  3. Crabby is right, art made by talented friends is great.

  4. I'm hoping she can come see them in their new home. (She didn't get to see the solar house except in pictures.) And I must try to photograph some of the one-of-a-kind beads, especially the nude female torso with purple wings. Time, where does it go?