Saturday, January 19, 2013

Three Amazons at work

Here is an Amazon parrot who boards with us (also his cat and his dog.) He is now 47 years old.

That's his own patterned cloth he brings for a cage-cover. It suits him.

Here is our new resident Amazon, whose owner died recently. He has begun to settle down and not try to fly through the cage every time someone approaches unexpectedly, but he's still nervous.

See how puffed up he is? He's not at all sure about me and the camera.

Booger, on the other hand, has lived at the clinic for many years (she's 38, although I'm not sure how much of her youth was spent in the bar where she learned her language)

Booger knows that the camera is a Shiny Thing that should be shown off for.

She's very good at showing off!


  1. Such pretty birds! Do they all talk? (and if they do, do they talk to each other?)

  2. Snuffy does not talk while he's with us. I'm not sure about his behavior at home. The new bird was very quiet when he wasn't panicking and shrieking and so on, but he's gradually beginning to make bird-noises, usually in response to Booger.
    Booger has a large and frequently obscene vocabulary, having spent her early life in a bar. (She says "Open up!" a lot in the mornings.) She says "Bad dog!" and "Give that dog a bath" and also barks at the dogs. She laughs.
    These three are very interested in each other, but they mostly use bird language to each other. The macaws, on the other hand, yell words at Booger when she's out in the atrium.

  3. Love the pictures, and cracked me up about the "give that dog a bath!"

  4. Beautiful! I wonder what they say to each other in bird talk?