Monday, July 1, 2013

getting an idea

For more than five years I've been keeping the knives I use all the time in this mug. I just plopped them in there when I was unpacking in 2008, because there was no drawer between the stove and sink, although I don't remember what that green mug was doing there at such an early stage of kitchen unpacking. I know it was one someone had given my father full of little Christmas cookies.

So, after moving here, this spring I hung some mugs up on the wall.

After staring at them for weeks, I suddenly thought "I bet that Derby mug wouldn't tip over as easily when I grab a knife in a hurry," and behold:

In fact it is much less tippy than the Christmas dog mug. Also, in the interest of knife safety, I do not actually keep my knives on a windowsill over the stove, but the light under the cabinet on the counter was much too bad.
Also I have typed "mub" instead of "mug" every single time. If you know what a mub is I would appreciate your sharing the knowledge.


  1. I do not know what a mub is. We have a souvenir stein from Medieval Times in Florida that we keep our steak knives in. Makes them easy to find and you are not likely to accidently cut your finger when you go reaching into a drawer.

  2. In all the kitchens where I had no drawers at all (cheap landlords) I kept the knives in a little plastic tray on a shelf, because usually there was no counter space to spare. Sometimes no counter space at all. I do appreciate this rather cramped kitchen, much better than most of my past kitchens.

  3. Why a mub is .... a .... ummm .... I'll have to get back to you on that.
    The Derby mug appears far less likely to tip over on you! Good choice.

  4. It has proven quite non-tippy.