Wednesday, June 26, 2013

solstice plate

One of my traditions for almost fifteen years has been to display certain family hand-painted plates for different seasons.

This one, painted by my mother just before I was born, is the one I use for spring.

It's signed, but even though I know where, I can't see it in this picture.

So, on Thursday night, I put this one away, and got out one of two painted by my mother's great-aunt at the same time. There's no question about who was the more accomplished painter.

I love the afternoon light in my living room despite how well it shows up the dust, so I looked over here, where I had arranged a few things while I was unpacking the latest box.

I wanted something that would catch that lovely light.
The gold vase was a Golden Anniversary gift to my grandmother.

But after trying it I decided on this jelly serving dish, even though I haven't polished its silver lid in quite a while. It belonged to the great-great-aunt who painted the peaches.


  1. That's a lovely collection/setting you've created there. I think both painted plates are quite lovely.

    1. I enjoy them, and all the others, quite a lot.

  2. I love the painted plates! And I agree, the jelly glass in the afternoon light is beautiful.