Friday, June 21, 2013

borrowing the view

Here is what I see out my kitchen sink window this month.

Although this view of the yucca blooms is from my favorite spot to sit on the deck after supper. 

From there I can also see the coleus plants I've wintered over for three years, which I spent the last week gradually acclimatizing to the outdoors and partial sun. I think three years is about as long as I can stretch them, so I've taken some cuttings which need to grow a bit before they move to the deck.


  1. Yucca!! I don't think it grows here.
    Coleus does, though, as an annual.
    That first picture of the coleus made me a little dizzy...

  2. I think yucca grows in Zone 5 (I'm in Zone 6) which is a lot farther north than it looks like it should. Those coleus plants have spent the winter next to my favorite reading chair, so they have dizzying thoughts.

  3. You're probably too young to remember the Yucca Dew shampoo. That's what I always think of when someone posts their lovely yucca plants. :)

  4. Beautiful! What a pleasant sight to look out on.