Saturday, June 15, 2013

not a window box

Fortunately, the gutters on the rest of the house don't have sprouting tree seedlings in them, since this part is where the deck is, so I can reach the gutters from a stepladder, which I did this evening before supper. I suppose I'm going to have to hire someone with better balance than I have next fall, to clean them all out. I got the loveliest loamy compost out of the south side of the house, though. I didn't take an after picture; I'm sure you all know what gutters are supposed to look like.


  1. While it does seems sensible not have a forest growing in your gutters, I do kinda like the pre-cleaned look!

  2. Baby plants are almost as bad as baby animals for worming their way into your affections.

  3. Reminds me of a post on pinterest - pretty sure it's not exactly what they had in mind, though! (they nailed eavestroughs to the side of the house to grow lettuce and such.)

    1. See, I knew pinterest would be dangerous for me! I've got enough projects now to last me five years, and most of them need to get done in a year. But I can so see the advantages of this--growing your lettuce up above slug reach. Or covering the side of a house with a cascade of petunias. I don't actually want to attach any to the house wall, but I think next year the deck railings might have some.