Sunday, October 3, 2010

rainbow season

The sun has travelled far enough south that I have rainbows again when the rising sun shines through the beveled glass.

Enjoyable though fleeting.


  1. Ha.. I've been hearing excitement about the upcoming rainbow season.. but it's about trout. I kinda like yours better.

  2. I went and looked up rainbow trout on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife site, and it seems to confirm my impression that rainbow trout here are all stocked, with a lengthy catch and release season (in some places all year) and none of the streams stocked are near me. So no wonder I haven't heard anything similar.

    I like my rainbows better, though they are certainly catch and release also.

  3. Lovely rainbows. I wish I faced south, but east will have to do.

  4. Today just rain here; no rainbows. So it's nice to enjoy yours!

    Though now I'm having this hankering for trout...