Wednesday, October 20, 2010

redbud seedpods

Here's the final look at the redbud seeds:

They turn brown and dry, and at some point between now and spring, some of them get eaten. Many fall to the ground, but some of those are missing the seeds with only the pods left. I should make an effort to see them being eaten.

I had hoped to take the pictures when the leaves were all bright yellow, but the transition from mostly green to blown off by the wind was too swift for me. You can see in the background that other trees are not being so hasty.

And a link to the earlier version:


  1. Very cool.

    There are no leaves left on the trees around here and the temperature is dropping. The forecast is calling for snow flurries today.

  2. Snow flurries: made of water! Jealous!
    There's a high fire danger warning for today, and everything below leaf level is brown.