Thursday, September 30, 2010

cayenne now?

Or, depending on what you mean, not until they've dried and been ground up.

The little one at the top gave me the clue that it was time to harvest them. I went to check on how ripe they were and saw that it had fallen off the plant, harvesting itself.

Based on previous experience, these five should give me about a year's worth of cooking, since I cook only for myself most of the time.

Drying is advancing in the second picture. It always reassures me when they fail to rot.


  1. Oh! Hot STUFF!
    Our peppers were a dismal failure this year. >sigh<

  2. My peppers are ripening nicely now, so I will string them and dry them soon!

  3. Daryl, don't be too disappointed. It annoys me that these are all the produce of the garden this year, except for about a cup of broccoli and two bell peppers slightly larger than my thumb. I'm not counting the three "pies-worth" of blackberries, because all I did was pick them.

    Bag Lady, I'm happy to hear that your peppers didn't go on vacation while you were on yours.