Tuesday, September 21, 2010

flowers unknown

I've never seen these growing anywhere before. Many things that don't have names are familiar to me as "that stuff" but not these. I've looked in my Kentucky wildflower books without finding them.

They look a bit like coreopsis, but the leaves of the ones I've grown are not quite like that, and I've never seen coreopsis grow higher than my head!


  1. I wondered the same thing when I looked up and saw them growing tall in the field last September. Google was good to me at that time. If they're what I saw growing and they do appear to be, they're Sunroot, Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke.

  2. 'fraid I can't throw any light on identifying the flowers. But how beautiful.

    Yes, I grow "stuff" too. Amongst the known plants I have the "pink stuff" and the "yellow stuff" - both grow and self seed like weeds but are very pretty.

  3. It might be Silphium, rosin-weed, http://content.lib.auburn.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/flora&CISOPTR=28&CISOBOX=1&REC=7

    Very pretty though.

  4. The leaves are wrong for the images I find for Jerusalem artichoke and for Silphium. (I know somebody who grows (or used to) Silphium, so theoretically I might have brought seeds home on my clothes.) Maybe next year there'll be more of it, so I can study it better. Until then, it will have to remain "yellow stuff."

    (Dawn, I have several varieties of "yellow stuff", "pink stuff" and "white stuff.")

  5. They are gorgeous flowers! I've seen some wildflowers that resemble these, but their leaves aren't the same.