Sunday, September 26, 2010


The camera does not see what I see. I was enchanted by the gleam of dew on the foxtails in the rising sun.

The light shows up well, and a few drops on the leaves, but each whisker on the seeds was outlined in reflective wetness.

The little beads of dew on the leaves look flat, barely visible.

These clover leaves, which is real life were far less impressive, show up much better. I'm pleased with the pictures, as pictures, (I can't tell you how many hundreds of pictures I must have shot of foxtails over the years) but they don't show what I saw.


  1. I feel like that about so many of the photos I take. They just don't show what I saw. But you have the sight stored in your memory - that is all that matters.

  2. And all the times I didn't have the camera with me, as well. The mind's eye has plenty of storage.