Wednesday, September 8, 2010

morning visitor

One morning last week as I was hanging the laundry out before I left for work I heard an enormous crashing in the woods behind the house. I wondered what it could be, because leaping deer don’t make nearly that much noise. Shortly after that I saw my neighbor's paint mare trotting down the "road" through the grass south of the house. She stopped about two-thirds of the way to the woods, looked around her, took a few bites of grass, and turned and went back the other way. This time I heard the chink of horseshoe on gravel as she took the easy way back. When I left a few minutes later I drove out somewhat slower than usual in case there was a Sudden Horse Event. When I reached the road I spotted her grazing with the J’s horses, only on the outside of the fence. I wonder if she went home or if my neighbor had to go fetch her home.


  1. I'm glad to hear there was no Sudden Horse Event - I hate those!! (I also hate Sudden Cow Events, or Sudden Deer Events, but especially Sudden Moose Events.....)

  2. Well, this mare is about the size of a moose. At least 17h, and hefty.

  3. Let's face it, any Sudden Animal Event is inclined to be a hair-raiser. Glad to see that the horse was unharmed despite it unconventional route.