Thursday, September 2, 2010

not cayenne yet

The peppers are working at being ready to harvest, though.

The big one has almost finished turning red.

The smaller ones are imitating a traffic light: red, yellow, green.
Fortunately I still have plenty of cayenne left, and can refrain from nagging them.
In this very hot summer I wonder how long it will take them to dry?


  1. That's a lovely pepper! My cayenne peppers haven't started changing colour yet.

  2. I thought these came powdered in a jar. Wonder if I can grow these on a windy balcony in the city air???

  3. I've always grown my cayenne peppers in pots; the first time was on Wade Avenue in Raleigh, NC. Wade Avenue morphs into a freeway leading to Research Triangle Park, so traffic was heavy. I'm sure they can handle the pollution, and wind won't bother them as long as the pots don't blow over. They've done much better than any of my other food plants this extremely hot summer. Go for it.