Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday morning coffee with tomato sauce

I spent an ambitious and focused day trying Daryl's tomato sauce recipe. Here.

I didn't have half a bushel of tomatoes, because it's so late in the season that I couldn't buy that many local tomatoes. I kept waiting for the weather to cool off some (at least down from 90F!) so I could stand having the oven on all day.

That's about half of what my friend with the produce stand had left of their own home grown (not seven miles from me) tomatoes. I was too late to get any of the heirloom ones. Next year I will just tough it out and start earlier in the season.

My two roasting pans are rather shallow. Before next year I'll have to find something larger.

More ingredients.

The basil was really fresh.

Yes, there was coffee involved in this marathon of chopping.

Beautiful colors. Too bad they will disappear with cooking.

I ended up with less than two quarts of sauce, more of a paste consistency. Next year! With more tomatoes! It's delicious. I didn't take any pictures of the finished product because plastic freezer boxes look much the same whatever is in them.


  1. That's an interesting way to make sauce, and the recipe sounds delicious. I am more traditional and have only ever made it on top of the stove.
    I have one more batch of tomatoes ripening, though, so might have to try this.

  2. I have never made any before, and this recipe is what got me to make the effort. I think roasting the onions gives it a special flavor. I think I'm putting a turkey roaster on my wish list. My grandmother used to cook a variety of things in hers on the back porch in hot weather.

  3. Hey cool! I made your blog! I made a third batch of sauce this weekend... I think I am an addict. We turned some of it into wonderful soup by adding pureed basil (14 leaves to a quart of sauce) and some milk or cream. Top with fresh parmesan and some croutons. Yum.

  4. We're just heading into Spring but I'll try this recipe (if I can remember where I saw it!) when I harvest tomatoes in the autumn.

    I'm like Baggie - I've only made tomato sauce on the stove top but this sounds good.