Tuesday, October 4, 2011

we haven't changed a bit

My fortieth high school reunion was this weekend, and I managed to go to several small gatherings. The people I spent the most time with in high school have all led interesting lives and seem intent on continuing to do so. I recognized people I haven't seen for twenty years instantly.

On the last day we had brunch at a nice café,

and after more than an hour, we spilled out to block the sidewalk for another hour or more.

The balloons had nothing to do with us, actually.

It was well worth a trip to the city.


  1. Glad you had a good time. I've never been to a school reunion.

  2. It sounds like a fun time. I attended my 10-year reunion. That was enough.

  3. What a handsome and fun looking group of people--did you mistype? That doesn't look like a group out of HS for 40 years. Sounds like you had a great time, hope you get to see some of them again sooner than 40 years from now.

  4. Oh, Bag Lady, they get better with age! (Hilary, it may be time.) I went to the ten-year reunion and was bored most of the time. Since then, one of my friends has organized mini-reunions, where we get together with the people we spent the most time with, and mostly ignore the official reunion. And talk our heads off. It's frustrating, trying to keep in touch with everybody: A and B are in touch with C, and D and E are in touch with B, and G is in touch with A, E, and F...but getting us all together keeps us making an effort.

    Crabby, I just counted: almost 50% of the people pictured work in health care in some way. My friend-the-doctor was talking about how much worse the men in the class at large had aged than the men in our small group, and I pointed out that they mostly smoked and drank fairly heavily. Only one of the men, and none of the women, in our group smoked. Ever. Some of them drank a lot in college, but since then they've been moderate drinkers. It's not a controlled study, but still.