Monday, July 25, 2011

deer again

Yesterday I went to close the living room door, and sneaked carefully back to get the camera. The pictures, taken hurriedly through screens in different rooms, aren't very good, but I got them.

That's two fawns up there, not one six-legged one. Mama is just out of sight past the window, even closer to the house than they are.

And the third fawn was lagging behind.

I followed them around the corner of the house (inside) so the screen in the window here is really visible. The black spot is an insect on the outside of the window.

They were quite calm about the moving human indoors.

But outside, although I opened and closed the front door without causing alarm, the moment I raised the camera Mama snorted her warning and they were off.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This evening my dog started barking at deer (since I won't let him out to be a herding dog! what else can he do???) and I looked up to see a doe with three spotted fawns. So I got the camera and went to the window.

They don't look like they're all the same age. I know does have twins more often than cattle do, more like goats, but triplets? I think there's a pair of twins and a younger one. Do deer fawn-sit for each other, or is one an orphan?

After listening to Stony barking for a while, they began to move off, but not quickly.

They disappeared down the hill, stopping to graze here and there.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

field of flowers

During my month of working two jobs I didn't find time to sleep enough, or eat regularly, but early on I took the camera out in daylight (what's that?) in case someone made hay. I didn't really expect them too, since my horsy neighbor has moved out, and it was she who paid someone to cut her hay, and they cut my two bales too and gave them to her, since I have nothing to feed them to. So I could have waited until I'd recovered. But here we are:

I was annoyed at how little the flowers show up in the distance. They are there!

And as I drive from the road to the house they're bright and highly visible.

Unfortunately, when I walk to the road and back (a rare occasion) I keep my eyes on the gravel most of the time so I won't stumble.
Before we moved in I thought I'd use the driveway for exercise. Three-tenths of a mile, so two trips to the road and I've have walked more than a mile while not being away from the house for more than ten minutes, so I could check on my father frequently. But it's very cold and windy, or very sunny and hot, and harder to walk on than knee high grass, strangely enough, so I usually walk in the woods, or down the (dirt) road to the creek.