Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sully carries a big stick

First time I've been able to take video through the door and get a clear shot. If the door is open he comes to see what's happening.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Walk at Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters, Taylorsville Lake

I went back to one of my favorite walks for the first time since last fall.

DaRon, here's the dam from near the parking lot. The fishing I told you about is on the other side of the dam. Today there was not a single soul trying to fish.

I had the place to myself when I got there at 12:30 on a weekday. (It's usually more popular around lunch.)

Here's the trailhead.

This (these?) trail was built by a Scout as an Eagle project, and then later improved by another Eagle.

Most of the length of the trails don't have much distant view, just walking through woods.

This picnic spot in the middle of the Ridge Trail is new since I was there. I wouldn't mind a memorial like that.

In addition to the table, there's a sort of sideboard at the edge of the clearing.

Not too many flowers in the shade of the woods, but there were Black-eyed Susans.

I went down the Lakeside Trail to where I usually turn back, wanting a picture of the lake. I'd forgotten how little you can see when the leaves are on the trees.

So I went all the way to the bottom. This was the less steep side of the loop. You can see some water through the trees.

Finally, a more open view.

Now, instead of retracing my steps all the way back, I decided to tackle the steep end of the trail.

It's steeper than it looks. I had to stop and rest, panting, three times.
This is not trail, but it's looking back down towards the lake.

In case the pictures truly fail to do it justice, my phone's exercise application thought I had climbed twelve flights of stairs.

I have so many favorite places to walk, but this is a favorite favorite.