Friday, July 11, 2014


Here are some of what's come up in my yard while I haven't had time to weed. Lucky me.

I've always loved cornflowers, but I've never had them growing anywhere but the roadside--when I had a roadside. These are in the middle of my peonies somehow. The blue is much more intense than it looks here, but not really darker.

I love Queen Anne's lace even more. This is growing in the cracks in the pavement, so when it dies back this fall I'll need to remove it, but I plan to enjoy it now.

I can't see them from the house, or even the deck, so they're mostly going to be enjoyed as cut flowers.

Here is something I don't recognize. It came up between the cobblestones of my patio, among a lot of other woody plants that don't flower, and that I haven't had time to pull when young, and that now I'll have to dig painfully out.

Unlike the cornflowers, the camera gets the accurate color here.

And last but not least, not volunteers but conscripts: