Saturday, November 29, 2008

still no pictures

Yesterday was amazingly tiring. I haven't done anything I planned to do today except go to the grocery. I'm too tired to think.
Yesterday I had four men with pickups moving things from my parents' house, which is still far from empty but we're almost ready to start sleeping at the new house. If it doesn't snow Monday I will be over there bringing some order out of the chaos. 


  1. My wise mother taught me this refrain, "This too shall come to pass." Moving is hard, stressful and not much fun. But there IS an end to it! Keep your eye on the prize, and soon this will be just a memory.
    Good luck!


  2. Hang in there - things will come together soon.
    And where on earth did you find 4 men willing to help? Lucky you!

  3. These four hunt on the land. (I bought them from Leonard and Joyce along with the land.) They pay me in venison (see liver post), and they used to pay Leonard by dragging deadfall out of the woods for him to cut up (he used to have a wood furnace, but he's gotten lazy in his semi-retirement, and now they travel a lot.) Since I didn't have anywhere to put wood while the house was being built, they haven't been doing that, and the moving is part of their fee. Also, they're nice helpful types. Sort of like neighbors who don't actually live near by.

  4. Hooray for big strong men who haul things!

    We have long ago passed the time when we'd do our own moves. Having no hunting priviliges to trade (unless there's now a market for squirrels?), we had to pay big guys when we moved to Provincetown, but it was so WORTH it.

    Get some well-earned rest; we can always come back later for the pictures!

  5. Well, if I were moving across the country instead of ten or twenty miles, I'd have had to pay people too. (And I'm one of those "I want to do it myself because I know how" people.)
    It was scary how tired these big strong not-old-enough-to-retire-from-active-jobs men got while I was just warming up. I guess this fitness stuff pays off. ; )
    I don't want to rest now! I want to rest in the new house! Soon!