Saturday, August 29, 2009

explaining dogs

No, I can't, actually. Here is where my dog's crate usually is.

Here is where it was when I got back from the grocery yesterday. (He wasn't shut in it while I was gone.)

He must have gotten plenty of exercise.


  1. File that under, "things that make you go 'huh!'"

  2. What kind of dog is he? (other than the active, creative kind, I mean!)

  3. He's an Australian Cattle Dog, and if I sent him up to visit you you'd have some thin stressed cows by the time he left. In fact, I think this is the explanation--he was herding that crate.

  4. He did an excellent job of relocating the crate. Bet he had a blast.

    I was excited to see the post title thinking I would get some insight to my Tikki but tease!

    Yesterday, Tikki shook the dickens out of an entire box of SOS pads, spreading the blue powdered soap all over my newly shampooed white carpet.

    I'd love to understand his little Tikki brain.

  5. He's just trying to rearrange your furniture! Tomorrow he'll be tackling the couch.