Sunday, June 12, 2011

wild flowers at home

The black-eyed Susans are just beginning to bloom. These two are the first I've found and they're right below my bedroom balcony. (As seen from above.)

As you can see the daisies are fading. Luckily the Queen Anne's lace is beginning, so I'm not short of fluffy white flowers for my black vase.

I'll be disappearing from the blog for a few weeks, as I'm about to begin working sixty hours a week. I expect I'll spend Sundays either frantically cooking enough for a week or staring out at the trees wondering what happened.


  1. Lovely flowers!
    Don't work yourself too hard, Mary Anne. (Sixty hours a week?? Sheesh!)

  2. Don't you sheesh me, farm lady! Ten hours a day is a short day on a farm! (And it would be, too, if I were doing it all at home instead of driving a total of [pause] 142 miles a day. Yikes!)