Saturday, December 10, 2011

more orchids

If you look carefully at the enlargement, you may be able to see Muffet the Yorkie enjoying the atrium in the "outdoor" part of his run.

He's the little yellow-grey blur between leaves almost at the center of the picture.

I am not sure what the woven bird nests hung among the plants are for, because all the birds are kept in cages.

Here's a view from the break room upstairs, rather blurry through its railing and the double-glazing, into the front greenhouse, which is plants only.

Back in the main greenhouse, the future:


  1. Very pretty. I love orchids.. and Yorkiesa re pretty darn cute.

  2. I'm loving orchids more the longer I watch them grow. They have one advantage over Yorkies: they're very quiet.