Thursday, February 2, 2012


Here there will be little oranges after a while.

Reason tells me that this branch will have leaves again, but it looks more as though it's trying to grow claws.

I do not remember what leaves it had before it dropped them all, but not like any of the leaves around it.

This giant root is also beginning to put out a few leaves.

Now an orchid portrait just for pretty.


  1. Especially love the first picture, so simple but just bursting with life and potential!

  2. It must be spring in your greenhouse! I love to see new growth on plants.

  3. I worked the whole day by myself today, with the hospital closed, so I ate my lunch in the greenhouse sitting on the steps just below where most of those pictures were taken. It was so quiet and peaceful. (Earlier, it had been quite noisy with one of the dogs in an atrium suite barking and barking, and then the Amazon parrot shouted "Shaddap!" at her, and she stayed quiet for hours!)

  4. Love the orchid picture! (Mine is still turning brown. sigh.)
    I wonder if that Amazon parrot could make my cat stop meowing.....

    1. I rather doubt it: she does a completely convincing meow herself. She also barks at the dogs.