Saturday, July 14, 2012


No definite news on my move. The closing on the second tract from the auction will be the middle of this week, I've sent in the paperwork for the mortgage for additional money, I've made an offer on a house near my main job, but do I have a contract? Or not? This is strangely unclear. Once I have an approximate date for the mortgage I can push for a closing date from the bank that owns the house I'm trying to buy. In the meantime....

Booger chews her nails for me.


  1. I hope everything works out for you.

  2. My banker just said it could take three weeks to complete the mortgage. I have four weeks to get myself out of here. Arrgh! Must have quick closing!

  3. At least you have Booger to save your manicure.
    I'm sure it will all come together for you.