Tuesday, October 30, 2012

leaf color

At last I have some leaves turning. In my neighborhood change had begun two weeks ago, but until the last few days all of my trees were still green.

That one still is. Actually I'm not sure whether it belongs to me or the neighbors, but it hangs over my drive, so I'll get its leaves when they fall.

The oak right over the deck is still green, too, but the one I've tied the clothesline to has turned glorious orange.

The back yard as a whole is just dipping its toes in the change of seasons, though.


  1. Love that last line... very poetic!

  2. Very pretty! I always prefer it if autumn sticks around for awhile.

  3. Thank you, Daryl.
    Reb, I'm sorry to say that the post-hurricane winds have stripped most of the colorful leaves away, and the green ones are still left. Or maybe I should be glad, because now autumn will have to start over.

  4. I wondered if you felt any of the effects of the hurricane...
    So, autumn gets a do-over because of Sandy?

  5. They kept telling us to expect high winds, and it was windy, but not really unusual for fall. Eastern Kentucky is rumored to have had a foot of snow in the mountains, which is extremely unusual, but that's more than a hundred miles east of here.

    The wind did my leaf-raking for me. Of course, there are still the green ones....