Wednesday, August 14, 2013

another hitchhiker

This marigold looks as though it came up in the flowerbed from last year.

Only there were no plants of any kind in that bed when I moved in last August. I'm pretty sure that plant hopped out of the pot next to it, which is one I brought from the old house that was rented. Three pots sprouted little marigold seedlings after I got them here. This one must have adventurously leaped for the ground, where it could grow bigger and more healthy than its sisters.


  1. What a spunky little marigold to make the leap! May it enjoy its new bigger home.

  2. It has three blooms on it now, and that little sprig to the left of the pot? That has two. The pot still hasn't bloomed at all. Clearly the ones that jumped ship made the right choice.