Monday, September 2, 2013

cardinal vine

I finally caught the flowers open at a time when the light wasn't bad and I had time to take the camera out.  I can see this part of it from the kitchen window, though from a different angle.

I really enjoyed this plant when I first had some from a neighbor back in North Carolina in 1998.

It's taking advantage of the deck railing with very little encouragement. I sit out near it as much as I can.

And I think the compost pile is going to be full of seedlings next year. (Looking down at last year's compost from above.)


  1. Lovely blossoms. They kind of remind me of a hummingbird.

  2. No, BL, it's an annual, but it reseeds itself with...shall we say "enthusiasm"? My North Carolina neighbor was weeding it out of a place she didn't want it and handed me some over the fence saying "Would you like some?" and I just plopped that single plant into the ground and it ran all over the place.

    Interestingly, Hilary, despite the fact that they're red and tubular, the hummingbirds don't seem to like them much. I must go taste one and see if they have any nectar.