Monday, October 14, 2013

growth against the odds

I bought this geranium early this summer with many buds on it. Then the squirrels or the birds pruned it severely. It has finally bloomed, now that I'm ready to bring it in.

It appears to have one more flower, or part of one, waiting to bloom.

Then there's the pepper plant, which has given me one (very tasty) pepper, back in August. Now, just in time for me to start worrying about frost, it has grown another one, which I hope will keep growing a bit longer. Only while taking the picture did I discover the second tiny one above it. If all those blooms set fruit I don't see how the plant can nourish them all to maturity in about three weeks. I suppose I'll be keeping a sheet by the back door to cover it with at night.

The bigger pepper is about two inches long, and the small one smaller than my thumbnail. Wish them luck.

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