Thursday, December 26, 2013

tree and ex-tree

Here is this year's tree:

It's not quite as tilted as it looks in the picture, but it didn't grow perfectly straight.

Here's where it came from:

The steps from the deck are now passable without snagging branches.

Here's a link to the before pictures:


  1. Clever you. Two problems solved with one solution. And the tree looks great!

    1. I've been enjoying the tree a lot, and also the lack of shade on the south-facing kitchen window. Next year's tree will be smaller, I'm sure.
      Taking the tree's picture presented problems. Using the flash blew the lights out completely; not using the flash produced nothing but the lights. Finally I decided to go with really slow shutter speed and trust the stabilization, which worked amazingly well.

  2. Win Win!!! I kinda hate the traditional notion of killing a live tree in order to celebrate.

    Hmm, too bad it only works with trees and there's no way to "top" a turkey and have it grow back the next year!

  3. I love that your tree was one you wanted to prune anyways :).

  4. Oh, yes! Waste not, want not. :)