Thursday, February 6, 2014

near miss

This week has added ice on top of the snow, and snow on top of the ice. I've been staying home sick in bed since Sunday night, but today I am feeling somewhat better, so I went out to do all the errands that haven't been done, in preparation for going back to work tomorrow. (The snow today is supposed to "taper off by [revised time]" and keeps on coming down in tiny flakes.) Yesterday morning after the ice, I saw at dawn without surprise that the back yard was covered in twigs. The trees were all coated with ice.

At least you can see the pine tree was not shot in black & white mode. It was a dim grey day.

Then it got light enough to see well. Oops:

I was sick enough that I waited until today to go out and look more closely at the Jeep. (For three days the only footprints around the house were the dog's and the mail carrier's.)

Apparently it missed the Jeep entirely, which is strange because it came from almost directly above it.

It's at least fifteen feet long, maybe longer if its tail were stretched out.

Now I need to find someone with a chainsaw to cut it up and split it for me. It's oak: I'll be burning it next year.


  1. I have one of those on my garage roof and that is where it is staying until the ice and snow are gone and I can get a ladder up safely. I figure I have to tie a rope to mine and then hoist it up into the tree it fell from then swing it over to the ground. Sounds like a job for my brothers!!

    1. I'm hoping, when I feel better and enough ice is gone that I have sound footing, that I can swing its light end around about ninety degrees, because otherwise I can't turn the other car around, and I'm terrible at backing out of my not-very-straight drive.

  2. Sorry for the hassle... but made for some beautiful wintery pictures!!!