Friday, May 16, 2014


The first peony bud has opened. The second one is still tight.

Its color is just right to set off the reddish pink glass things I have on the chest.

I seem to have dug up more white iris at the old house than I realized I had. I've brought one indoors, but it's in the process of fading, so I photographed the ones outside. (In better light, too.)

Then there's this purplish color. I have some different purple ones with only one blossom open that was damaged by the rain and wind.

The yellow ones waited so long to show any color that I thought I had failed to dig any up and move them, since nothing was in bloom when I did the digging, but at last, they showed up.

My narcissus should have bloomed by now, but not so far. The leaves are up, and I certainly gave them enough wood ash over the winter to encourage flower formation, but I'm pleased with how well everything has done the year after getting moved. Moving is stressful for plants as well as people.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful burst of activity, such pretty blossoms! Guess both people and plants can be pretty resilient even after tough transitions! :)

  2. I suffer from a lazy green thumb. Once minute I'm all about the flowers, and the next, they're dying and I'm all sad because it didn't follow through with caring for them. I need to stop this insanity. Your flowers are very pretty.