Thursday, June 4, 2009

beyond sentiment

When I first brought this up from the basement and washed the dirt off, I didn't think I'd ever seen it before. Then the shape of it reminded me. I've only seen it on the oven rack with a roast or ham or turkey on it to keep warm, after being removed from the roasting pan so gravy could be made. 
I wonder where it came from? The traces of pattern don't match anything either my grandmother or my great-aunt had. What am I going to do with it? Putting it in the garbage seems disrespectful of its long useful life, and it's too beat up to give away, but there are limits to sentimental attachment, even for me.


  1. If you still have boxes to unpack you might find more pieces that match it. Seems to pretty to toss.

  2. It's in really bad shape. Stains, indelible metal marks, and the craquelure you'd expect. It's such a nice shape, though. I'm wondering if I could paint it and use it as a tray. (Not that I need any more projects.)

  3. A few days after you toss it you'll rememeber why you have it.
    Or, at least that's how it goes with me.

  4. Don't toss it.
    Are there marks on the back of it that tell you anything about it?
    I wish I could see it better, but for some reason, it won't enlarge for me.

  5. It's completely blank on the back, like a lot of my grandmother's odds and ends.

  6. Sounds like a craft project to me! Or perhaps something for the "goodwill" or other donation pile. Someone else may have some weird use for it that would never ever occur to us.