Friday, June 19, 2009

Solitary bliss

Wednesday we got my father to his doctor, who admitted him to the hospital. In the two hours after they put in a catheter he emitted about a pint of urine. I'm so glad I don't have a prostate gland, enlarged or otherwise. 
Since my friend is staying with him, and her daughter's truck broke down, I am alone at home for the first time in two and a half years. It's so wonderful. Slightly scary, too, since I'm on crutches, but I'm wearing the phone and my keys everywhere I go, and hoping that if I need help I'll be able to reach one or the other of them. This being the country, if I set off the car alarm, one of my neighbors will come investigate. 
My sprain is improving. I can stand with my weight equally distributed on both legs, and my knee bends 90ยบ, but I'm not quite ready to try walking. 
Bag Lady, I'm not willing to share my daily rain with you until I can water my outside plants myself!
I hope the reason I'm amazingly tired is that my body is busy healing.


  1. I hope your dad feels better soon! And that your knee gets better soon, too.

    I won't steal your rain.... we have a little bit sprinkling on us now, which will help. But dang it, girl, when you are healed up, send some our way! Several counties have been declared agricultural disaster areas due to the drought.

  2. You've had your share of bad luck lately. Here's hoping that that sprain will heal soon and that your dad will be out of the hospital soon feeling much better. I'm with the Bag Lady on sending some rain our way. It rained a bit last night, but, not hardly enough to be worth it.