Sunday, September 6, 2009


I enjoy filling my vases with flowers Nature has provided for me without my taking any trouble--especially since this summer I haven't been able to take any trouble--and yesterday I found three different ones at once.

The black-eyed Susans are so bright and cheerful as I feel fall in the air although the leaves haven't turned yellow to match them, yet. The white yarrow has been growing like mad all summer. The blue--my favorite color as a child--is known to me as wild ageratum, but it's not ageratum, it's the blue variety of boneset, the white form of which is all over the place. Boneset is special to me as that was a name (old, disused) for the place my father grew up.


  1. Very pretty! I love wild flowers, too. We have yarrow everywhere, and I've seen the blue boneset, but didn't know that was what it was called. And of course the black-eyed susans are so cheerful-looking!
    Do you have Indian Paintbrush there?

  2. Indian Paintbrush doesn't grow wild here--I think technically it's a native, but it doesn't seem to like modern conditions around here--but a lot of people grow it in their gardens.

  3. I love your pictures. It must be wonderful to have so many types of flowers just growing wild.
    I must know, in response to your comment over my way, what the heck are they playing over the speakers in the stores there??!

  4. It is indeed wonderful! Next, to try to pick up a lot of hickory nuts before the squirrels get them all.

    I don't know what the stores are playing, because it has no words (not that I could understand more than one in ten if it did) and is unrecognizable. It's like elevator music, only instead of being swooshy and sickly sweet, it's bouncy and twangy--to get you to move faster through the store, I guess. When I leave I feel like I need to clean my ears out.