Sunday, September 27, 2009


6.7 inches of rain this week! (170 mm.) I just added up the readings from the past seven days of the rain gauge. I don't want to build an ark, not quite yet.

I need to move perennials from my old house to this one in October. While everything is solid mud is not a good time for that.


  1. This really has been a screwy weather year for a lot of us, hasn't it? We've probably had the same amount of rain that you got this week.... all freakin' summer!!
    But it's colder now, so that part is still the same around here.
    Hope it dries up enough for you to get your perennials moved!

  2. The drainage is very strange. It's dried up enough that one of my neighbors has cut a piece of very late hay--he drained and removed a pond this summer, so it was too wet there until recently--and it's drying all right, and you can walk dry shod, but dig down two or three inches and it's all mud.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of rain! And I agree, the weather's sure been funky this year.

    But if anyone could build and outfit a nice ark, it would be you! Just hope you don't need to.