Sunday, October 4, 2009

rainbow season

The sun is getting far enough south to spill rainbows indoors.

Just orange and red on the door jamb.

It dropped all the colors on the floor.

You have to look quickly, though. Between the time I first noticed it, and walking ten feet to get the camera and turn it on, it moved down the wall a few inches...

...and while I took three pictures it moved some more.

The green, which was quite vivid in real life, doesn't show at all.


  1. A rainbow inside - how cool!! Great capture!

  2. I love indoor rainbows - and so do my cats! :) Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  3. Rainbows provided courtesy of the beveled glass in the door between my bedroom and study. Living in this house, I am aware of light and the movement of light all the time.

  4. LOVE this post. I collect rainbows at my house, and treasure them.

  5. Just wait. Before too long the weird white light patterns ought to reappear by the front door.