Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sneaky color

I kept trying to take pictures of the beginning of the color
It kept raining too much. There was nothing much but green. Then the sun came out.

A few leaves turn among many still green.

In these, the veins haven't changed color yet.

Here's a whole little tree turned gold among the many green ones.

See that little red patch just left of center?

I have sassafras trees! I knew there must be some somewhere on 48 acres,

but I never spotted them until they turned red. In the spring, sassafras tea to "thin the blood."

To add to the Kentucky-ness of this, I found a pawpaw patch, too, but too deep in the shade for a picture.


  1. There are still green leaves on the trees here, even though there are a couple of inches on snow on the ground! Looks strange.
    But the weather is supposed to improve tomorrow and the temperature will soar to above freezing! Yahoo!!

    Love the sassafras leaves! Very pretty.

  2. I keep imagining your green leaves saying "What? Snow? We're not ready yet!"

    Still no frost here yet, but it won't be long.