Thursday, October 29, 2009

not through a window

Today's weather was almost summer-ish, so I sat out on two of the porches to read. I was struck by how a window always frames the view for you, but in a different way so does a porch, so I took the camera around the house and shot some of those frames.

Going around the house from north east:


Northwest from one side of the front porch:

North east from the other side:

I wasn't the only creature enjoying the weather today, but the lady bugs just didn't want their pictures taken:

North east from a different porch:

And south east from the same porch:

South from yet another porch:

And south west from that one:

West to end the afternoon.


  1. Dust off the guest bed... I feel a visit coming on! (Your views are so peaceful!)

  2. Way cool! I loved seeing your view from all the angles. Especially considering there is no snow in any of them!! :)

  3. Daryl, I dusted it just before I took those pictures: the last three (from the bird feeder on down) are from the guest room porch. (It's too bad none of the major shows are close by; I could talk the GRC company into paying for your lodging.) ;-)

    Bag Lady, apparently the weather around here is intent on sucking all the moisture out of the atmosphere so that you won't have any snow. It has rained so much all summer that there are people cutting hay in late October. This Is Not Normal.

  4. What great views, and lovely frames through which to view them. I've seen you many times over at Baggies and Crabby's respective blogs. Thanks so much for dropping by mine. I've got you marked in my reader now. :)

  5. Leah, the peace extends to the ears as well. For someone who loves music I listen to very little, because I want to listen to the wind in the trees instead. (Mp3 recordings of the sounds outside your window are strangely unpopular!)

    Hilary, I visit your blog much more often now that I have satellite instead of dialup. The wait for the pictures to load--and many of them refused to load completely, so I'd just get a stripe--was Just Too Frustrating. I use Bag Lady's sidebar as an Internet Control Device, intended to keep me from spending too much time on blogs I follow. That's the theory, anyway....