Monday, October 26, 2009


Saturday my hunters delivered some of this wood, and cut up what I had left from last winter into sizes that will, I hope, fit my stoves better. Spread out like that it looks like as much as I started with last winter, but it's all shorter, so I can't really tell. I only used about half of the approximate cord that I had, but last winter I was far more lavish with the radiant heat since my father was alive and old enough to have poor circulation, and of course it was his pension paying for the electricity. For myself, I've turned all the thermostats down to 60F in the rooms I keep warmest, and below that in others. I'll need the stoves if I'm going to feel toasty warm on cloudy days. (Remember, the solar gain has meant the heat has only run once so far, the night before the first frost.) I won't be home to feed the fires five days a week, though, so I hope this will last me.


  1. Ah.... we have 5 cords of hardwood stashed, and a couple cords of free pine, too. I have what I refer to as "wood envy" as I drive by places with neatly stacked piles of wood. I want to hoard it the way a chipmunk hoards seeds and nuts...


  2. Oh, how I wish we had that much wood! My poor hubby hasn't been able to do much physical work (he has a pinched nerve in his neck, have I told you that?) so we don't have much of a wood supply. Our heating bills are going to be astronomical this year, I fear.

  3. Wood Envy! That's the perfect phrase. Every time I see some for sale I think "I should buy some of that" (it's decidedly cheaper than electricity) and then there's the envy for people who have rain-proof storage.