Monday, May 31, 2010


I often sit in this chair for a minute or two on my way to somewhere else in the house. (Today I was sitting there filing my nails, far from any computer the gritty dust could get into.)

This is the view from that chair.

The arrangement of the doors and transoms and pictures somehow makes the blue batik robe just pop in real life, although not, apparently, in the camera. The view, which I've never more than glanced at before, was very satisfying.


  1. I love that chair! How old is it?

    And the view is nice, too - the robe doesn't perhaps "pop" as much in the photo as it does in real life, but it does still show up very nicely!

  2. My great-grandfather made that chair, but I don't know when in his lifetime. Certainly before my father was more than a few years old, so it can't be less than ninety years old. It was originally a rocker, but the rockers rotted away.

    I'm glad the robe shows up. I love that cloth, but it's too thin a cotton to wear in cold weather, and it covers all but hands and face so it's too warm to wear in hot weather. For now it's just right.