Thursday, May 27, 2010

crazy daisies

These daisies have decided to come up in the shadiest possible place. You see the clump of lilies of the valley? Last year I transplanted about twice that many, and only the ones that get the most light have come back. Daisies are supposed to want full sun, and these aren't getting any.

Here on the other side of the porch the daisies and yarrow have placed themselves nicely without my having to plant them.

And out in front of the crazy daisies, more yarrow.

I love it when Mother Nature decides to be helpful.


  1. Mother Nature knows.
    She has decided that my flowerbed should include dandelions.
    Lots of dandelions.

  2. All those long tap roots are going to break up your soil wonderfully! See? Helpful.

  3. It's so fascinating to see what things are able to grow when we don't interfere. I'm amazed at the strength of some little plants to grow up in a crack between two slabs of concrete and that kind of thing... plants are so resilient.

  4. I love seeing the trees growing out of the rock face where the cuts for highways have been blasted. No soil, just rock. Full size trees a few years after construction. Such strength.