Monday, June 7, 2010

something is hungry

This is what all nine of my broccoli plants looked like this morning. A little munching on a few leaves over the weeks since I planted them, but doing well.

This is what two of them look like now:

A third one is gone because I weed-ate it before I realized what it was.

The pepper plants were untouched. So far. What evil lurks?


  1. Looks like you need to dust for bugs...

  2. I say SLUGS and I think they WERE hungry. After all that cruciferousness they were FULL.

  3. In the past week nothing has changed (except new and slightly bigger holes.) Monday,when I checked all eight plants--six plants and two skeletons, that is--I found one lonely slug, and two I-guess-cabbage-worms. They couldn't possibly have demolish three plants in six hours!

    My friend the produce stand lady, who hasn't seen the pictures, thought deer, considering the time frame. I thought deer wouldn't have eaten one here and one there, but she says deer are picky like that.