Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunday morning walk to the creek

I went down the hill to the creek last Sunday, to see what I could see. It was very hot, and I didn't care for the combination of camera strap with tank top on sweaty shoulders, so I only had the phone (useless though it is far downhill, it goes with me every where outdoors) with its pitiful 1.3 megapixels.

I met this fellow before I got very far from the house.

He'd never seen a phone before. Was it edible? Would it eat him? He wasn't sure.


Then I came to a locust tree that had bent over too far in the winds.

All that green leafy mass is horizontal tree across the "road."

Farther down the hill, near the old foundations, the daylilies were in bloom, despite getting little sun.

I love the way they never stop trying.

Still farther downhill, the blackberries are plentiful this year, but these are as close to ripe as I found; most of them are still green. I hope I can catch them at the ripe stage before the birds and deer finish them all.

I went all the way to the creek, through chest high grass (I was wearing knee boots along with the tank top, in case of snakes) and found less water in the creek than I expected after as much rain as there had been.

It took me all week to find the half an hour to upload the pictures and write about them. Tomorrow I must go check on the blackberries' progress.


  1. Take your camera! >wry grin<
    Great post.

  2. Thanks for the stroll to the creek! Are those blackberries ready, yet?

  3. I forgot to ask - what the heck is that blue thing in the first pictures?

  4. The blackberries are nowhere near ripe. A few more have turned red, but they're mostly still green.

    Blue? Blue? It really is a bad camera! That is some type of turtle, familiar to me but not one I can give an accurate name to. He's not blue; the light is reflecting off his not-very-shiny shell.

    I hadn't intended to take any pictures until I spotted him; then I got carried away. However, I got so many insect bites that I will probably not make that trip in a tank top again, no matter what the heat, so there's hope that I'll take the real camera with me.

  5. Looks blue to me too, I actually thought it was a Ukrainian Easter egg ;) then I read a little more...

  6. Reb, I wouldn't be surprised if turtles gave someone the idea. Shell=shell, after all.

    Sagan, the adventure was more on the insects' part than mine. I got bites I am quite sure were not mosquitoes, from things I never saw or heard.