Monday, March 7, 2011

first picking

I picked these at dusk on Sunday.

They weren't all open when I picked them, but by the time I got the camera out today they were.

Spring is traveling north as fast as it can.


  1. So refreshing. We're still dealing with snow.

  2. Ah, spring! Lovely, can't wait for ours ;)

  3. How many cows do you have room for... I'll just bring a few with me, 'kay? We are still in the throes of winter and a loooong way from seeing any greenery!
    Those look lovely. Sigh.

  4. Have faith! Spring is heading north as fast as it can. (It's easier to have faith when you can see lots of little green shoots.)

    BL, I have room for about ten, but you'd have to bring a lot of fencing, too....What fencing there is here is, um, of archeological interest.

  5. Just to make you up north feel better--or perhaps worse--today it's snowing here. It's still above freezing, so the snow's not sticking, but all afternoon and evening white stuff falling out of the sky.